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I am pleased to tell you that our online learning environment (commonly known as Firefly) is now live. You will now be able to access you daughter’s school attendance profile, her timetable, letters that have been sent home, catering menus and much, much more!

Please note, your daughter’s school reports will now be uploaded to Firefly for you to view and download. We will remind you each time we publish a new report.

Choose either the Firefly Senior or Firefly Junior link from below. Your daughter’s profile will appear on both of the sites should you have girls in different departments and your log in details will be the same for both sites.

Click on Logging in for the first time? Activate account (a green box at the bottom of the screen) and enter the email address that the school uses to contact you.
You will then be sent an email asking you to Activate Your Account where you can choose a password.
There are full instructions below but should you require any assistance, please contact Mrs Vicki Edwards (v.edwards@nwc.gdst.net)

Parents can use the following links to log into firefly.

Senior: northwoodcollege.fireflycloud.net

Junior: northwoodcollegejunior.fireflycloud.net

If you  are having difficulities in logging in please click here to find out how to create your online log in and password.



Please use the following link to log onto the Northwood College for Girls portal:

Alternatively please email:

  • Email or https://email.gdst.net


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